Bypass few form data cells saving to Tables

I have form with 10 data cells and on submission all 10 data cells data will be updated to a table.

I want add a logic where based on a pick list selection only few data cells are updated to table and remaining as blank

Please suggest how i can add this logic to a submit button

Hi @Vams-887c a route you can take is to use conditional visibility. This will allow you to do something like show a data cell for the user if they select 'XYZ' in your picklist data cell, if 'XYZ' is not selected show a blank content box instead.

Using the team task tracker template as a quick example, there are two project types 'Newsletter' and 'Web Redesign'. I updated my 'Add task' form so that the user is only able to update the 'priority' of the project if they select 'Newsletter' as the project, otherwise I'll show a grey'd content box for the priority section.

Depending on your set up, you may only need to utilize the conditional visibility feature :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, Milly

We can set certain fields display properties based on pick list selection. However I don't see any possibility to add logic to button automation based on pick list selection.

Please correct me if I'm wrong

Hi @Vams-887c, you've brought up an interesting question that I'd like to understand a bit more. Could you provide more details about the specific logic you are trying to add to a button when a picklist selection is made?

Hi @aj . I'm developing an attendance and work progress tracking app for remote employees

Im capturing data like if the employee is working on a particular day or on leave or off/holiday.

If the employee is on leave/off he just need to mark a single filed. But if he is working then employee needs to provide what activities performed on that day.

If the employee selects Leave/off then reaming activity related fields need not to fill. I can hide/show required fields based on picklist selection.

But in the button (say submit) based on the picklist selection (working or off/leave) is there any way i can write few fields if the employee select off/leave and all fields if employee select working to table?

An a temporary solution i achieved this by creating 2 buttons and display/hide button based on picklist option. But is there any way i can achieve this with a single button.


If we are using nested if statements tracking open and closing brackets in the big challenge in honey code. I feel open/close brackets should be highlighted just like in Excel

Hi @Vams-887c, thanks for providing more context. I understand what you're trying to accomplish now and I believe you have two options. One is what you had mentioned, which is to leverage a second button and use visibility to show the right one depending on which picklist item was chosen (working or off). An alternative might be to use Additional Settings: Run Options, where you could define an IF statement for each particular automation action. Here's an example:

Seems like it may come down to a personal preference though. Without knowing all of the details of your use case, it it were me I might go with two separate buttons just to keep the automations separate and therefore avoid potential confusion. But I can also understand and appreciate a preference for a cleaner layout as well (a single button).

Regarding your other comment of using highlights for open/close brackets, this is a great suggestion. I've noted this for our product team to consider in the future.

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