Calculate data on the app screens

I'm asking you a question because I need help.
Initially, inventory calculation was implemented using formulas on the table.
When there aren't many rows, I'm happy that it's calculated very quickly.
However, after saving 10,000 rows for testing, the speed became very slow when calculating.
So I'm going to delete the table formula after reading Dan's post and proceed with the calculation on the app screen.
I want to know if it's right to make it in automation.
And please review the formula I made.

What I want is to remove it from 'From Location' and add it to 'To Location'.
In order to distinguish the presence or absence of existing inventory, we created Run Option with 'Count'.
When we don't have inventory, we just need to put transfer data on it.
It's hard to calculate when we have inventory.

Hi @sangmin, thanks for reaching out! :honeybee: :slight_smile:

You can create an automation in either in tables or the app of a workbook, and the location of the automation would not impact the efficiency of its execution. If you're experiencing slowness, there may be another cause.

Looking at your formulas in the screenshots of the automation, they appear to be evaluating successfully. For a recommendation, perhaps check the tables to see if any of the columns have additional calculations associated with them, and if those can either be removed or simplified.

If you are still experiencing slowness after adding the 10,000 rows, can you submit this to us in an issue report after you experience the issue? (click on the Help icon > "submit an issue") Our team can take a look at the logs, which help us better see what may be going on.