Calendar - Data and Display Object

It would be great to have an object that user could add as a calendar. It would allow a record to show over a period of time (start date through end date) on a month, week or day view and just show a topic description. (Ex. Overview of planned projects over time) Also would be nice to have ability to select object and drill to a detail form that has details for the project or activity. Other no code solutions have similar object functionality.


Hi @Warr-467d, thanks for your request and welcome to the community!

I've passed on your feedback to the team as request to have a calendar object in Honeycode. Also, thank you for sharing specifically what you'd like to see in the functionality, that is helpful for our team. I'll note too that a few others have had similar calendar requests as well.

Let us know if you think of anything else you'd like to see in Honeycode! :honeybee:

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