Can I connect one app to multiple workbooks?

I'm trying to create a Honeycode app that can search more than 100,000 records (rows), but I'm restricted by the workbook limitations. Is there a way to have an app search multiple workbooks, so I could essentially link as many workbooks as needed to include my full database?

Hi @Dana-c750 welcome to the forum, and thanks for your question! Currently there is no native way to do what you're describing. But there may be clever ways of using Honeycode APIs (Getting Started with Honeycode APIs) to achieve something like this.

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Hi Rajesh, We want to build candidate database sourced through our external company website and excel upload of old data. Want to create search option (column wise)so that Team Users can search the resumes/ candidates basis experience, salary, age, name, number, location etc.

pl let us know if i can create the same. i have created but it has limited search option.