Can the type of list in a DetailWithFilterList screen be controlled?

I am starting on a DetailWithFilterList screen with an associated filter list that uses cards. I would like to trigger a new detail screen when a user clicks one of the cards. I can add this action easily enough, but I would also like the new DeatilWithFilterList to use cards for its filter list as well. Instead, the new screen always uses a table. Can I change or control this behavior? I do not understand why there is this inconsistency from screen to screen of the same type. Hoping I am just missing an obvious (or even not so obvious) option to customize this behavior.

Hi @Rawle,

Thank you for you post. As of today, the card view is not available on detail screens; it is only available on list screens. While a related list component can be added to a detail screen like you demonstrated, the related list's layout will be constrained to the table view.

I have noted your desire for the ability to have a card layout on detail screens and will make sure to share it with our team.

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Thanks Dan

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