Can we see particular customer details

Dear team,

I have created the form list and getting the inputs from the users like name, mobile, username, and password. Then i created the login page if i entered the username, and password it directed to all customer details list.

But I need it shows only the particular username customer. pls find the below image it showing two customer details, but i want to show only the particular username customer.

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Hello Robe-6066,

I understand you only want one user to be displayed on the list in your photo. I believe you need to apply a filter to your list. Your filter could be activated by selecting an app user name from a picklist allowing you to see only one app user at a time.

Does this seem similar to what you are hoping to have your app do?

Dear Danny,

Thanks for the reply, yes I need to show only one customer details for the screen.
Even i had tried, but not get it.
Please let me know where i have to use the filter condition and kindly elaborate.

I have applied =FINDROW(Rider_form,"Rider_form[MOBILE NUMBER *]=$[Input field]")>0 for login the page.

after logged in only the input field customer details has to shown in the next page.

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Hello Robe,

The input field will be used to filter the customer data that is displayed.

The first thing I recommend is to make sure your workbook is formatted correctly. Since you want to use Mobile Number as the filter option, that should be the first column in your table. This allows you to use the number as a unique identifier and an in app picklist to filter which customer you see.

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 4.47.27 AM

Next, make sure your input field is correctly referencing the row and that it is formatted as a Rowlink & Picklist.


Third, make sure that your list is connected to your newly created picklist as shown below.

Note that the unfilled circle makes it look like there is an error on your set up, but the app should still work the way you are intending!

Hope this helps!

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@Alyssa hope you're doing well.

Still I am facing the issue with that
Note: Given screenshot details are dummy data
I will explain you step by step, pls do the needful

1.getting the details from the user and save in the table of Rider_form
2.Created picklist for the another table KYC_pending for first column DL number.
find the below images and let me know

Finaly i need if type the input field, only the details must displayed.

Hi @Robe-6066,

Hope you are doing good. I appreciate the explanation. I have tried to mimic the scenario. I hope this helps.

  1. I created a table named "Table1"

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.11.48 PM

  1. On the screen, I have created an input field and a list with a filter expression that matches the value of the input field.

FILTER EXPRESSION USED ABOVE: =FILTER(Table1,"Table1[License no.]=$[Input field]")

  1. You can see how the app works below. When the user enters the License number, it matches the record and only displays one record.

2022-03-17_18-16-03 (1)

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

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Dear Pankaj, @pankaj

It's working now, Thanks for your kind reply.

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