Can you build e-commerce apps in Honeycode with payment processors?

Wonder if we can create apps in Honeycode that can process payments via PayPal or Stripe. Is the platform currently PCI DSS Level 1 compliant as well?


Hi @John-862d,

While our compliance work is ongoing and we don’t have any specific news to share at this time about PCI DSS, and while we do not support taking payments in the app currently (we may or may not in the future, no commitment here but I'll mention it to our product team). You control who you can invite to your Team and under what conditions. We are not going to tell you who to invite and how to charge.

Some logistics to note about administering teams: you only get one team per email address (aka honeycode account), and you can link several teams to an AWS Account when you move to a Paying tier.

You can read more about team admins by searching for Team in the KB:

I like your pioneering spirit, and I hope you like this answer :slight_smile:


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