Cannot connect to server when accessing Builder

"Something went wrong", "Unable to connect to server.". This message is showing when going to my drive and workbooks/builder. Kindly look onto this. I cant work on my app as this error was always showing. Additional error message was cannot connect to server and you might have slow internet. Thank you in advance!

error message

I think a few people have been experiencing this problem @Jimballoon, and there's a longer thread about it here: Network connectivity error - #17 by Eric :confused: Doesn't help much, but if it's of any comfort it stopped happening for me completely after a few days.

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Hi @Jimballoon :honeybee:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention; I'm confirming here that we've received your issue report and our team is looking into it. As we dig into and address the issue, keep us posted with your experience and if it clears for you.

Just so we have more info, are you on a VPN or managed network? And are you seeing it only with particular workbooks or apps?

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We are using Amazon VPC - EC2 hosted by AWS. This one is intermittent, sometimes it proceeds sometimes it does not, this was encountered on all of my workbooks/apps. Thanks for looking into this @Alyssa!

Hi @Jimballoon :honey_pot:

Thank you for providing additional information; our team took a look at the logs of your issue report, and there did not appear to be any bugs on the Honeycode side. You may have seen notifications if there was intermittent connectivity on your network, and here's an article that includes other possible causes: Troubleshooting Loading, Connectivity, and Network Issues.

Our team is continuously improving different parts of the Honeycode experience, including notifications around connectivity. Please feel free to reach out to us again if this issue does not clear for you. :honeybee:

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