Cannot use the return/enter key for data entry of Japanese characters

This is a bug.

If Japanese characters are entered in a table field, the return or enter key causes the characters to be erased. Instead, one must click in another field.

Hi @Paul-12da, thanks for your post! :honeybee:

I'm passing your feedback along to our team, as a request for additional language and character support for Honeycode. (We appreciate you sharing your experience in Honeycode when adding Japanese characters)

For more information, could you share with us the browser you were using?

Hi Alyssa, thank you for getting back to me. I think it is probably a little bit difficult to visualize exactly what I'm talking about, but when entering Japanese, there is a process of conversion. The character(s) would appear underlined, and to approve the selection, one would normally hit the return or enter key. It's that process that is broken. As I mentioned, there is a workaround, but the workaround is not natural.

I'm using Chrome Version 99.0.4844.83 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Got it, thanks for that additional info, @Paul-12da :honeybee:

Could you submit this to us in an issue report? Re-create the issue, then click on the help icon > "Report an issue." Please provide any screenshots of it as well, as that may be helpful to understand the flow.

I submitted an issue report. The screenshot is taken at a time before pressing the return key. Once the return key is pressed, the entry disappears.

@Paul-12da Confirming here that we received your issue report. (Thank you for submitting that!)

Our team is investigating the issue, and we will be in touch with you privately if any further info is needed. :honey_pot:

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