Capacity Management Tool

We are multiple translation teams within amazon based in different time zones. Linguists perform different activities (like Translation, Quality Audit, Creation/Revision of Guidelines etc.) on a daily basis. Some activities require manager's approval. Currently, there is no mechanism in place to display available capacity of linguists and to automatically assign a job based on the availability of linguist. So, basically we are looking for a Capacity Management tool through Honeycode. Is it something worth exploring through Honeycode? If yes, what are our next steps?
I will be happy to provide more details. Thank you in advance!

Hi @MDSh-9974 , welcome to the community! :smiley: :honey_pot:

Yes, Honeycode can be used to create a capacity management tool as you are describing. There are different ways to build apps, so to start, I'd suggest exploring our different templates to see some examples apps and how they are built. The PO Approval template in particular has an approval flow for managers to approve requests.

For the part of assigning only available linguists, you could set up a rowlink with a FILTER that only lists the available linguists. For example, say you only want each linguist to be assigned three or less jobs at a time, you could indicate if a linguist is available by only listing those with less than three assigned jobs. I set up a quick example for you:

I have a table of linguists and their assigned jobs:

And in the app, I have a field that is a rowlink, which only allows a user to select a linguist with less than three assigned jobs:

This is the formula in my example: =FILTER(Linguists,"Linguists[AssignedJobs]<3")

Just an idea :slight_smile: Hope that helps get you started! Let us know if you have more questions, we're always happy to help. :honeybee:

Thank you Alyssa! I will explore these options.

I have 2 more questions -

  1. For some reason Honeycode doesn't allow or trigger OTP to sign up using Amazon email alias. Is there any way where it accepts amazon official email address?
  2. We don't want to use apps (on mobile) but use app on PC/laptop for Honeycode. Does both platforms (mobile and PC) provide same features to use?

Hi @MDSh-9974, you're welcome, I'm happy those ideas helped! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Regarding your questions, if you are having trouble with access internally, please feel free to reach out to us internally and we'll be happy to assist. And, yes, Honeycode apps can be used both on web and mobile platforms.