Capture Login From Form

I am setting up some forms and want to automatically capture the login or email of the person inputting the form. Is there a way to automatically grab that?

I have tried using this as the default value: $[SYS_USER]; however this captures the user name and then stores it in the table as an ID. I want the email address of the user to be captured

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Hi @Meye-e271,

You can get the email address of the current user by using:


Having said that, there is however an advantage to using the current user as a Contact instead of de-referencing and using an email address. The advantage is that you can make that column a dropdown of the list of individuals you shared the app or workbook. For example, if you want to expose that column as an editable field later on, and you want to re-assign that row to another person, the Contact dropdown would allow you to select a different person. If you save as Email Address, you will then have to ask the user to type that email address.

If you use the Contact, you can still get the email address at any time in the future by simply adding the column de-reference - such as:


And in Automations, you can still refer to the contact column, and Honeycode will do the right thing to use the email address to send out a notification.

So in summary, you can easily de-reference and get email, but suggest you consider saving it as Contact - and de-reference to Email, if and when you need it. You can also get [First Name] and [Last Name] from the Contact - so it preserves the option of getting the value in the future.

Another thing you can do is to insert the Contact in a User column, and then have an extra column with email address, whose formula is set to =[User][Email] - so you get the best of both worlds.

Awesome, I'll try that out, thanks so much!

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