Capture multiple lines from a supplier invoice


I'd like to capture a supplier invoice into an inventory table. I can easily create a form if there is a single line item on the invoice, however, I'd like the ability to capture multiple line items for the supplier invoice.

Has anyone attempted this yet?

There could be up to 50 line items per invoice.

hi @Ryan-a2a5, welcome to the community.

You are right, with a form by default you can enter one "record" or "item" at a time. But you can create a "form" that allows you to add as many rows right on the form itself without going to other forms or going back and forth between a list and an add screen.

Here is how to get started:

First create a list screen that shows all items in an invoice. Then make all the fields editable. Now you can edit any of the items. Then add a button which adds a simple empty row. Now on your list you will have another row that you can start to enter data into - without going to another form.

This way you can add as many rows as you want.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.


Thanks Daniel

That's sort of what I have been building as a workaround. Hopefully this will be a future feature.

Loving the HoneyCode platform though. Great job by your Dev's and can't wait for it to expand on it's features.



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Sorry, do any of the Templates have an example of what you suggested above. Would save me some trial and error. I'm an Accountant not a pure Dev so spend more "erroring" than succeeding at the moment.



Hi @Ryan-a2a5 , Yes, the Field Service Agent template has this functionality in the Work order details screen. It currently utilizes visibility to only make the newly added row editable but you can make it simpler by making your entire list editable.

Thanks Kamran. I went with the simpler option.

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