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Good morning! I'm builiding an app that will be used by all my team. Each one of them are avaliated in a serie of itens, that are in a table "Efetivity" in my workbook. I have to create copys of this table inside of "Efetivity" for each one, and I wanna use a number to identify them. For example, collaborator1 is number 1, collaborator2 is number 2, etc. I need to create a cell reference based on these numbers, like: =Efetivity!Bnumber, to use on Overwrite. I tried to use ADDRESS function, but it doesn't work. There's a way to do that? It's important, once the app will be used by a lot of teammates and I want to make automatically. I'm sending a picture; on first, the way that works; for second, the equivalent that I'm trying to do (instead of numbers, I would like to put formulas inside the function).
Thanks for reading!

Hi @Plan-c2ab,

I appreciate you reaching out.

As I understand it, you want to find a particular row from one table and use it as a Rowlink in another table. For a better understanding of Findrow and Rowlink, please review the following links:
Findrow: A Better VLOOKUP
Dynamically Retrieve a Rowlinks Column

I hope this was helpful.

Hello @Pankaj !
Thanks for replying, I read the Findrow article and I understood how to use it for my purpose. I made some tests and I achieved exactly what I wanted. Thank you again!

Hi @Plan-c2ab,

Thank you for the confirmation, and I'm glad it helped. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.