Change value to a whole data base

Hi all,
I've created an app where user can select products to be delivered, sometimes the price of each one needs to be updated but user needs to be able to increase price of all products at once, lets say user needs products price to be increased 10% at once with just one click, is there a way I can manage to do that?

This is the items table I have

I'm planning the create a screen called "Products" and let user change or update the following:

Add new product
Increase price to the whole products data base
Edit a product name

Hi @Pabl-2603, an overwrite button automation with Run Options should do the trick for you:

Morning aj,
Is there a way to let user indicate how much he wants to increase the price to all items ?
The way I see it, I have to pre set the automation with the percentage I want and when user clicks on that button the prices will change to the amount I set in the back end.

Hi @Pabl-2603, yep, no problem with that. Just add a data cell to the screen that is Editable and in the percentage format...

Then update the automation that I provided before to use the new data cell instead of a hard-coded percentage...

Here's what it will look like: