Chat/ message in honeycode

i want to make classified, for one side will be sellers, for other buyers. Buyers and sellers woll communicate with each other.
I need to add opportunity to chat in sellers profile. For example: i am buyer i choose any shop and i want to communicate with the shop
could you tell me, have glide such function.
That i see in video looks relevant but very complicated

Hi @Lash-5140, welcome to the community and thank you for your question. Before we get into the details of building chat functionality in Honeycode (it can be done by the way), I wanted to make sure you were aware of the way Honeycode teams and licensing works. Specifically, Honeycode emphasizes on team collaboration, for example, coworkers collaborating on shared projects. The scenario that you described would require both buyers and sellers to be on a team. This can be done, but before we get too far I'd recommend checking out the following two articles:

Once you review them let us know if your use case still seems appropriate. We're happy to dive in if so!