Cheaper tier for public app use leading to explosive growth

I have been programming for 45 years. Writing mobile device apps today is such a perpetual, wasteful expense. Honeycode's best feature to me is that one can 'push a button' to make an app that's "good enough", especially when one doesn't have teams of programmers to write and rewrite apps every year for every new platform that comes out.

The reason we can't use Honeycode, though, is its expense. We are an OEM that makes IoT products. We'd like to be able to use Honeycode to connect to AWS IoT Core where each public end user would be able to access their devices via a Honeycode app. The problem is that our customers might tolerate a dollar or two, not 10 or 20. Since a given Honeycode account only supports 20 human team members, we can't put all of our customers in a single account (not to mention, their identities would be shared with each other, as I understand it).

So, my thought, and for you to bring this to your superiors, would be a base price for allowing Honeycode to integrate with other AWS services as it is now, but have a much lower price for adding a single human. (I don't know how feasible it would be to keep end users separate from each other since Honeycode is natively a collaboration tool.)

Or, allow the free (or an inexpensive) tier to integrate with other AWS services where money can be made when the user uses the other non-free services, like IoT in our case. I understand why AWS wouldn't want to deal with the general public directly (as for billing), but as administrators it could be our account(s) with our customers in it. If I am unclear, please let me know. Thank you for your attention.

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Hi @joeb-f1e9,

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your feedback. I think you have some really great ideas and I will make sure to pass your message along to my team.

Thank you,

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