Checkbox in Honey code

i want to Check few items at once and try to delete , how do i do it
if there was check box's kind of think , then i would have seleted them at shot and click on delete ,

how do i delete multiple items at once

It's possible through some hacking.

Delete multiple items at once:

  1. Create a column in your table called "Selected" all cells should be blank.
  2. When a user click on your checkbox, have an automation overwrite the value of that row's [selected] column to =TRUE. When they uncheck the checkbox, reset the value to false or blank.
  3. Add a button, name it delete.
  4. Add an automation for your delete button. Add a "Delete" step, set it to "Specified Row" and enter =thisrow().
  5. Open "Run Options" for the delete step. For "Run step for these rows", enter a filter formula that only returns rows with TRUE in the [selected] column. This will repeat the "Delete" action for each of those rows.

If/when you accidentally wipe out your whole table, remember that there is a "recover" option for the workbook that might save you.

Hi @Anil-470f! Just adding to here as well, I'd recommend that you check out the post that @AndrewB had referenced (PFR: Provide Check Boxs and Radio Button UI elements), as in there I cover how to do multi-select radio buttons. It's relatively straightforward to set up and once it's in place a user can simply click on each item in the list and it will either add or delete it from the respective table, real-time.

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