Checkbox not working in lists

Hey Honeycode team,

Checkboxes don't seem to work as described on Add Toggles: Checkboxes and Switches.

I have a simple TODO list table consisting of a boolean Done value:


Using a data cell results in the data being read correctly. However, using a checkbox in the same way results in an error.

Could you kindly advise on how to proceed?

Apologies - this is a new account so I am unable to upload multiple attachments to the original post:

Using a checkbox:

Hi @Eric-65bb, weclome to the community! :smiley: :honeybee:

I'm happy to help :slight_smile: You're very close, you just need to add the table name to the source. The formula would look like: =TableName[Done]

Hope that helps, and let us if you have any other questions. :honey_pot: :honeybee:

That worked like a charm, thanks @Alyssa!

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