Circular/hierarchical reference

I need to create a table which will support a hierarchical list of product categories.

Two fields will support this:

  • Category Name
  • Parent Category Name

Parent Category Name should be a select of the possible values in the Category Name field. Is this possible?

If I can store data in this way - I can then export the data via the API to use in my application - which sits outside of Honeycode. I'm using Honeycode as a sort of content management system.

Hi @Mari-17c7,

Welcome to the community and thank you so much for your post!

I would be happy to look into this further and provide some possible solutions. Would you mind clarifying if you are using the new experience or the classic experience?

We would also be happy to help you during office hours on Thursday or Friday, you can sign up here.

Thank you,

I believe I'm using the new experience.