Classic vs New Experience

Been using honeycode (new experience) for a few months now. Is the classic experience merging into the New experience ? because its seems to me that the classic experience has way more functionalities than the new experience

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Hi @Akah,

Thanks for your question and we're happy to see you're building in the new experience! We introduced this updated, simplified means for non-technical people to build and share apps. We will continue to build on the capabilities in the new experience with the goal of moving out of beta.

You mean, we can connect new experience app to classic tables?

Hi @San,

Thanks for joining the conversation. At this time, you are not able to connect classic tables to the new experience. We are continuing to evaluate options. Stay tuned!


As a new Honeycode user, should i aim to learn classic or new experience.
Will honeycode classic deprecate after some time?

Personally I think they are quite the same thing one just has a facelift. The concept is all the same just comes down to personal preference. They have added new features to the new experience and will most likely continue to build on it and leave the classic behind

I'm excited that Amazon is investing more into Honeycode. However, I'm finding simple things I could do in the classic experience are gone and I can no longer do them in the new experience. I think I have more to learn about the new experience before confirming. However, it seems likely this change is far more significant than a simple "facelift".

Any update regarding connecting new experience with classic workbook, or what are my options to export and import data into new experience?