Clear Data Cell value after Update Current Screen


I have a screen that has two data cells for user input. After user clicks "Add" button, I want to zero out the data cells value so user can continue to input new ones. I have wired "Update Current Screen" to the Add button, but how do I zero out the data cell value?

I know this is a very simple question, but I am a total beginner!

Thank you.

@Beij, Set type to "Variable" for those data cells. Once you do that, you'll see some new options appear under Update Current Screen. Set the value of the variables to =""

I see the new option to set Variables. But it forces me to specify Take Data From and Write To. I just want to set Variable = "". How do I do that?

Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

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Hi I'm from Argentina so my english is not good

Take Data From =0
Write To =$[yourvariable]


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Hi! I'm having the same problem -- I want to clear 3 data cells when the user clicks a button. I have made each of those data cells different variables.

I tried following the directions above by (a) setting each variable to ="" in the update screen automations panel and (b) also setting each variable to ="" as the default value in the properties panel. Neither worked :frowning:

@Beij or @AndrewB can you share any more specifics for this solution?

Your automation would look something like this, only with 3 data cells instead of just 1.