Collaborative Brainstorming


The Collaborative Brainstorming template provides your team the platform to get creative with new ideas.

You or a teammate can start the process by asking a question through the app. Once a question is asked, you and your team can add an idea (i.e. an answer) to it. There is also built-in voting functionality to determine a winning idea.

Getting started

Click here or select Collaborative Brainstorming when starting a new workbook.

App and tables organization

There are three main screens in the app:

:bulb: Brainstorming Hub :bulb:

The Brainstorming Hub is the main screen in this app. Its data is being sourced from the This part of the app has several features:

  1. The Ask a Question button allows the user to enter a new question for the team to brainstorm about.

  2. The Open Questions section shows the current questions being asked and some associated data like how many ideas have been submitted and the current top idea. Users can click on open questions to see the Answer a Question section.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: The data in the Open Questions list is being sourced primarily from the Questions table.

  1. The Answer a Question section allows users to add their ideas to a question by clicking the Add an idea button and filling out the forms. Users can also vote on others' ideas by clicking on the +1 button. After the ideas and voting is completed for a given question, you can click the close button, choose the winning idea from a drop down menu. This will close the question and move it to the resolved questions screen.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: The data in the Submitted Ideas list is being sourced primarily from the Ideas table.

Resolved Questions :white_check_mark:

This part of the app has two main features:

  1. The Resolved Questions section allows you to see previously deliberated questions with the associated idea totals and the chosen idea.

  1. After clicking on a resolved idea, you will be taken to the screen as shown below where you can see a question from the past along with the submitted ideas. You can also click on the Re-Open button to move the question back to the brainstorming hub, so your team can continue collaborating.

My Questions :thought_balloon:

On the My Questions you can look at both open and resolved questions that you have submitted.

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