Column description field in column properties


It would be great if there was a Notes section in the properties section for a column, simply because in MSSQL/MySQL, we have "Description" to be able to keep track of what this field is and what conditions will make it work, etc.

Have added description below. would be a good feature, though i'm not sure who else would need it? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your suggestion, @karbonphyber! We've seen similar feedback from other customers as well. Implementing some type of description field could allow builders to quickly reference key notes and differentiators for column properties.

I'll add your comments to the feature request for the team to review :honeybee:

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Thanks for slotting it into the product backlog lol...

Would require the ability to enter New Lines with the enter key at the very least. so that we can format text at a rudimentary level

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Nice design work there @karbonphyber! I like it. Thanks for the suggestion and for going above and beyond to provide this example.


pleasures mine. always had to do it for the developers, so they understand what the requirements are. hehe thankfully i could post photos here!

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