Column list layout options

I'm trying to understand options for column lists. A great feature would be to enable scrolling of lists left and right to avoid wrapping column values on the screen. I have also noticed that turning my phone sideways does not cause the display to turn.

Can you direct me to some helpful articles that explain options and how-to's?


Hi @OCDavid, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

There are different types of column lists, which you can find here: Lists: Stacked, Column & Blank

Stacked lists have a layout which may better suit what you're looking for on mobile, while column lists may work better for web. You can also toggle between web and mobile in Builder to see how the app looks and modify it accordingly, by clicking here:

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 1.10.39 PM

As of now, you cannot scroll left to right in lists, however I'll pass this along to the team as a feature request.

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any other questions! :honey_pot:

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Thanks for the info Alyssa! The column list format is preferred over the stacked list. Adding left/right scroll would be a great feature for usability. Thanks for passing this along.

One other question on a related topic of layouts. This is a reference to different grid layouts at Design Tips: Type, Color & Layout, but does not tell you how to change to any of the referenced grid types. Could you help to provide a link to documentation?


Hi @OCDavid :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

The examples in the article are ideas of layouts you can create (Under the Grids section). In Builder, you can manually adjust the size and placements of the fields to create the layout you're looking for.

There's also different objects too that you can add in Builder, here's some additional documentation that may be helpful: