Comparing two columns in two tables

I need to compare two data columns in two different columns and see which one does not exist, e.g
Table1: Emails
Table2: Emails

I would like to display and compare Table2 Email column which does not exist in Table1 Email column and display mismatch emails? How do I achieve this?


Hi @Naee-6456 :wave: thanks for posting your question!

A way to accomplish what you are looking to do is create a column in your ‘Table1 Email’ that evaluates whether the email exists in ‘Table2 Email’ (ie. the evaluation will results in TRUE/FALSE). From there in app builder, you can create a List that displays only emails where the evaluation is FALSE.

Here is an example I created in my account:

Email1 Table:
image (46)

Email2 Table:
image (47)

In Email1 Table I created a formula to check if the email exists in Email2 table:
image (48)

After my table is set, I can go into App Builder and create a list that filters for emails that evaluated to FALSE:

As a result my list shows all emails that are in Email1 table but not Email2. Let me know if this helps!

Happy Building :hammer_and_wrench:

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Nice, it works great. Thanks for your help.


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