Complex Expression

I tried updating the visibility of button by IF functionality.

Function does not allow complex expression by using AND/OR.
You need nested IF Conditions for it to work.

See attached images:

For this to work you need to change to
=IF($[TITLE] <> "", IF($[Project Type] <> "",TRUE,FALSE), FALSE)

Honeycode follows spreadsheet patterns for logic, rather than programming patterns.

Checkout the functions and(), or()

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Hi @Reii thanks for your question and welcome to the community! As @AndrewB indicates we could simplify the expression to be:

=AND($[TITLE] <> "", $[Project Type] <> "")

There is no need to use =IF(...) in this case because the above expression evaluates to either TRUE or FALSE and can be used to determine visibility. Hope this helps!

I assumed it'll also work because it works in FILTER function.
Greatly appreciate your replies :slight_smile:

But that doesn't help if we need if then else and the else is another if then else