Conditional Formatting in Builder

Does anyone know how to add conditional formatting in Builder?

For example, I have a filtered column list, but I would like a row to be highlighted if it meets certain conditions. So far I have tried adding it in the source data Table itself, but any formatting changes I make doesn't carry through.

Any ideas to help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, you can use the visibility conditions in the “display” tab of the “content box”. So you you can create several “content box” with different format (colors, police size, text...) and associate with the different visibility condition. This is a way to manage conditional formatting.


Have a look at the ToDo template, which highlights dates in red once they are passed, using the technique mentioned by @Joel-1ada.

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Hi @Joel-1ada and @Stu -- I appreciate this information and took a look at the ToDo template.
I didn't see anything in there for a setting text or background to a color based on conditions. Could you elaborate on the syntax for me? I'm envisioning something like:

=if(And($[ContentBox1] = "condition', $[ContentBox2] = "condition"), "makes background for that row green", "")

Again, this is for a filtered column list in builder.

Thank you!

Hey @Jared, we just recently published a visibility article that might be helpful to this discussion. Check it out: How to Add Conditional Visibility & Data Validation.

Hope it helps, but let us know if you're still stuck!

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