Conditional Styling with AND function


I would like to be able to create a conditional styled list based on a date and time AND function. I currently have a list that's filtered by date. From here I'd like to be able to style that filtered list and look at a column in my table and compare to the current time. If the Current time is greater than the time in the table I'd like the filtered list row to be styled at Red. The current function I have is

=AND($[Date]=Candidates[Meeting Date],(NOW()-5/24)>Candidates[Time (in EST ONLY)])

If the entered date and the meeting date are equal AND the current time (in EST) is greater than the meeting time in the table I set it to RED.

The issue is that it's ALWAYS coming back as true no matter what I set the meeting time to.

Any thoughts?

Hello @BradArtman, I've reviewed this post as well as the other. I wanted to check in on a couple things: a) Instead of using conditional styling for the entire list row, have you tried just one segment or content box within the row? I understand it may not be ideal but I'm curious of the results. b) Also, instead of separating the date and time in the table, could you try using the format date/time in one table column?

I ask these questions because I too have been experimenting with what you've described and have been successful with the following:

Here are the results:

Let us know how this goes!

I think that will work but I also have a Input field where I'm allowing the user to select the date they want to filter the table. If the Meeting Date_Time are now combined, how would I write the filter to have it present the rows that contain the same date contained in the Date_Time combined column?


@BradArtman ah ok, I understand the filtering issue then. Alright, how about this approach...

Also just wanted to make sure you were aware of the app user filter/search controls we have:

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That worked great! Thanks much!

Great! Glad to hear it worked. Let us know if anything else comes up that we can help with.

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I have a screen that I have two fields $Date and $Time. I also have a list that uses a filter to pull in candidates that their meeting date matches the date entered on the meetings screen.

What I'd like to do is use conditional styling to highlight in red any meetings that have gone over their meeting dates given the current time by 15 min.

What I did was select the segment that would contain the presented data and enter a conditional styling

What's happening is that depending on if I use < or > ALL of the rows are being highlighted...not just the ones that actually meet the criteria for the AND statement. (I have other criteria I want to use but I distilled it down to one thing to see what may be causing the issue).

The columns I'm referencing for the statements are formatted as Time in the Table.

Thoughts on where to maybe look first?

Thanks for the help!