Conditional visibility for message on screen

Thank you very much!! Now It's working.
But now, I have another problem :confused:

I configured a data cell as FALSE.

Then I set up a ContentBox with the message that the record you want to add already exists.

Finally, the message will appear when I press the button and I configured it like this

But the message appears whether the row exists or not.

Edit: I tried a different way but the result is the same. The message appears whether the row exists or not.

Hi @Hern-ec53 :honeybee:

I split this off to a new topic from your other thread; I'm happy to show you this as well! :slight_smile:

The reason why your message continues to display is because there is no change back to FALSE if the formula is untrue. Instead, a way that would work would be to set the value your $[Mesaje] variable to the formula you wish to evaluate, and set $[Mesaje] as the the visibility formula of the message's content box. This is how it would look:

I created a variable called $[ShowMessage], which checks if there is already an item in the Items Table with the entered name:

The formula is put under the data tab as shown below:
=(FILTER(Items,"Items[Name]=$[Item Name]")<>0)

The content box with the message has the value of that variable set in the visibility properties:

I also created another button that is greyed out, which you can then show if the item already exists (which does not have any automations; it is unclickable).

And the blue button with the automation displays if the item does not exist yet, allowing the user to add the item:

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee: