Connect to AWS QLDB

I would like to create apps that connect to QLDB

Hi @Mark-9315 thank you for the question and welcome to the forum! Honeycode is a fully managed app building service, so it comes packaged with an easy to use database in the form of a spreadsheet. You can certainly connect data stored in Honeycode with other sources, including QLDB. For most SaaS services and supported AWS services, we would recommend using Zapier or AppFlow, and everything else, we recommend using our APIs.

Assuming you're looking to use Honeycode apps as input mechanism and QLDB as an append-only ledger for some of the information, we recommend using our Table Row operation APIs along with QLDB driver for programming language of your choice.

We'd appreciate the feature request, and would love to understand more about your use case to help define and prioritize the feature.

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