Connecting Honeycode to an AWS Account

Connect/link AWS account

Your AWS account ID is a 12-digit number, such as 123456789012, that you need to provide when upgrading your Team to a paid plan. This account will be used to bill your Honeycode plan. Visit our pricing page for information on available plans.

With a paid plan, your team is eligible to enable Single Sign-On (SSO), larger teams, higher workbook capacity, and more. For further details, see our Honeycode Admin Guide on AWS Documentation.

Follow these steps to connect Honeycode to your AWS account.

  1. Go to the Teams tab. In the right panel, click Connect.

  2. Create or sign in to your AWS account

  3. In the AWS dashboard, click your name on the top right.

  4. Under Account, find your 12-digit account ID. Copy your account ID.

  1. Go back to the Teams tab in Honeycode and enter your AWS account ID in the modal.

  1. In the AWS Console, you'll receive a connection request. Verify the request in the Teams tab to connect Honeycode to your AWS account.

In the upper left in the AWS console, find "Amazon Honeycode" in "Services." Click on it, and you'll go to a table list of Honeycode teams. Be sure to be in "US-WEST-2" (Oregon) region, as Honeycode is only available there at the moment.

Disconnect/unlink AWS account

Unlinking Honeycode from the AWS account requires the assistance of AWS support. If you would like to unlink a Honeycode account from an AWS account, you will need to have the AWS account ROOT owner reach out to AWS support to request the unlinking. The AWS account ROOT owner can do this at AWS Management Console.

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