Constant speed/loading issues -system nearly unusable

Lack of support while trying to fix speed and loading issues is very discouraging. Hoping Honeycode can connect with us and help or we will need to move to a new system. We had met once on phone and over email but each answer was very vague. Not a great look to have limited support to a paying customer.

Hi @kyle-signature, we're sorry to hear about this, and for any inconvenience the experience may have caused. We'll be reaching out directly shortly. Please sit tight :slight_smile:

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great thank you!

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The Honeycode team has been very helpful in getting this resolved. We are seeing improvements so far. thank you for the help!


Thank you for the update, @kyle-signature! It's great to hear the team is seeing improvements. Please let us know if you run into any other roadblocks along the way :honeybee: