Converting Googlesheet project to HoneyCode

Hello, I am brand-new to the Honeycode Community and am out of my depth with the webapp I am trying to create here and could use y'alls help.

I have a .exe that I want accessible from AWS lambda, this program converts a specially formatted CSV file(downloaded from Google Sheets) into a XML file I require. The google sheet is very function heavy with a script, to enter income and expense transactions. Each transaction is connected to a "contact" who is listed in an "addressbook" tab in the sheet.

I was going to pay a lot of money to have someone create a user interphase and host my program on their server but was told I can actually can do this "via an http endpoint" from my google sheet. Users would not have an interface and I can control who has access to the google sheet- this is not ideal but will work.

Although from what I read it sound like there is a better solution through Honeycode. I spent most of yesterday trying to find the equivalent functionality to what I have currently but I am having trouble. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Below are the main functions I am trying to achieve

This is the function that pulls everything in the "contacts" tab from the "Addressbook"
=iferror( vlookup($A4, { Addressbook!$A$3:$A, Addressbook!$A$3:$AE }, column() + 1, false) )

There is an app script running for the dependent dropdown lists in the "transactions" tab.

The "export" tab pulls info from the other three sheets with this function in each cell.
=IF(ISBLANK(Contacts!A4), "", Contacts!A4)

Hi @CAS ,

Welcome to community and thanks for reaching out. I wanted to provide you an update that I am looking into your request.

I'll send an update soon.

Hi @CAS ,

I apologize for the delay response.

If I have misunderstood, please correct me.

First, you have an exe that runs and extracts data from Google Sheets, then it converts it into XML.

Google Sheet (multiple tabs) requires some inputs from users (income and expense transactions), and each transaction is linked to a contact. You want to invoke the exe every time a user enters data in a google sheet using a lambda function to generate a new XML file.

You have listed some of the functions you are using in Google Sheets.

Are the questions below accurate for what you are looking for?

You want to create an interface for your users to enter data that should somehow sync with Google Sheets, and your users should be able to invoke the exe process by pressing a button.
Also, are you looking for Honeycode support for the specified functions?

No apologies necessary! Thank you for looking into my question.

The exe currently does not extract the data from google sheets. I must first download it as a csv and then my program can convert it from the file path I provide it.

I want to make my exe accessible from AWS which I am also researching.

After the user is done entering transactions for the day, then they would invoke the exe to generate the new XML file.

Yes, my hope is that I could build an interface that is a better user experience than working in google sheets, and could invoke my program from the interface.
Alternatively, I can have no interface and just invoke the exe directly from the google sheet.

My general understanding is that the endpoint in the sheet can connect to an API, then that API can invoke my exe to return to the user the XML we require.

From my google search it seems like I could try and create the interface I hope for here. If it is too complicated for me I’d just try to use the endpoint in the google sheet to invoke my program.

Ether way I have a lot of research to do to even figure out how to ensure my exe can be deployed through AWS. So I figured I’d start with figuring out the interface first.

Hi @CAS ,

I appreciate your explanation. The use case is quite extensive.

Honeycode does not currently support the execution of exe files, you will have to use an external system to do so. One solution may be to use a Windows EC2 and invoke the exe through Lambda. The API Gateway can be used to invoke lambda and Honeycode webhooks can be used to send a POST request to API Gateway.

You can, however, create an interface on Honeycode that syncs your data to any external system. Zapier or Amazon AppFlow are two options you can use. For more details please review integrate-data-with-zapier-and-amazon-appflow

I hope this will be helpful to you in your research. Happy building.

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