Copy automation

What's my feature request?
To add an automation to copy data from fields in lists without the requirement to make them editable

What's the problem you are looking to solve?
I would like mobile users to be able to quickly copy data to use in other apps without the risk of them changing records by mistake

How is your team currently blocked
I understand there are workarounds to this in (not in list view) but I would like to reduce the risk of people changing data by mistake

On desktop, of course, users can copy/paste using the mouse & keyboard.

@honeycode if the mobile apps allowed for standard tap+hold+drag interactions to select text, and then use OS copy/paste commands... I think you could avoid needing a new type of automation. Right now, the mobile app doesn't allow you to copy text from anywhere.

Thank you for submitting this request @Gile-7c97 and for adding on to it @AndrewB ! I will be sure to pass this feedback to our team as a feature request to evaluate.

@Gile-7c97 you mentioned workarounds you are following that is not from a list view. Would you be able to provide me insight on the workarounds you are following? Also when you mention that you want to copy data to use in other apps, do other apps mean other apps within Honeycode or on your mobile phone? This information and any other information about your specific use case will be helpful as I pass this feedback along.


Thanks Matt. In another thread others have suggested setting the data to be copied as a variable (

But I don't think this works in list views.

We have a lot of people working remotely and I would like them to be able to easily copy data from Honeycode for use in other mobile apps with 1 click.

Thank you

Thank your for clarifying @Gile-7c97 . I'll add these details to the feedback for our team!

Keep your feedback and ideas coming!

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