Copy Workbook to another Team

Hi, is it possible to copy a Workbook to a different Team?

I have developed an application in my personal account Team and linked it to my AWS account. We would now like to continue developing the app using our corporate HoneyCode team and would like to copy the app across. Is this possible?

@Damesb, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

As of now, you cannot duplicate a workbook to a different Honeycode team or account. You would need to create a new workbook on the corporate account in order to use it with your corporate Honeycode team.

Let us know if we can help further in any way, or if you have any questions on this.

Also, as you mentioned you'll be using Honeycode with your corporation, let us know if you need any assistance as you scale. We're happy to help you and your team get started! :honey_pot: