Copying a database

I'm trying to copy the tables, but the system won't let me.
"Whoa! Your selection exceeds the 20,000 cell limit for copy/paste. Try a smaller area or import the data in a new sheet."
But I am trying to copy only 5000 lines!!!

what to do?

Hey @Sergey!

By the nature of the error message, the number 20,000 seems to refer to the number of cells, not the number of rows.

That is, if you have five columns in a table and you are trying to copy over 5,000 lines, that would correspond to 5,000 x 5 = 25,000 cells.

That's my guess based on the error message, but someone from the Honeycode team can probably confirm if the above hypothesis is true. :))

Hi @Sergey,

Thanks for your question, as @Eric mentioned, 20,000 is the cell limit. @Eric thanks for your response.

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