Could we have white as a text color option?

Basically title, I had noticed that white is not an option available in the text color options, so I've had various scenarios with dark backgrounds where I have to use a light grey which is a bit stinging to the eyes. Better yet, perhaps there could be a color wheel for color selection for even more customization?

I know this is a minor thing but it'd be hugely helpful!


Hi @Davi-13a2 -

Could you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? I just checked to confirm that I could change text to white. Maybe this is a bug?


So, fun fact, I use a Chrome extension to put everything in dark mode, and in that mode the white looks almost black. So it was there the whole time, I just couldn't see it because of the extension.

Sorry about that!

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Sounds like something I would do! Glad you figured it out.

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