Create a new row based on detail screen from wizard app setup

I'm stuck.

I'm trying to automate a process. I create this button that should create a new row on another table and pass information from an existing row based on a detail screen created on the Wizard app setup.

Here is the detail screen:

Here is the button with the formula:

=FILTER(Cotizaciones,"Cotizaciones[Nombre de cotización]=%","THISROW()")

Here is the error I get

Hi @David-Abreu! Thanks for your post, it's nice to see you again. :smiley: :honeybee:

For your "take data from:" formula, you would simply enter the name of the column of the input row on the screen. In your screenshot's example, it would be =[Nombre del proyecto]

I'll note too that Block2 with the button will need to have the input row as the source. This is how it should look: =$[InputRow]

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honey_pot:

Thanks! that in fact is the solution.

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Awesome! I'm happy that helped, @David-Abreu :smiley: :star2:

Let us know if you need anything else later on.

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