Create a Workbook with Picklists from a CSV File


You can easily create a workbook from one of your CSV files, and Honeycode will recognize patterns in your data to suggest picklists (i.e. dropdown menus). Picklists make selecting options for users quick and easy.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Honeycode suggests picklists for your data when values are repeated in a column (e.g. In the screenshot below, the values Yes and No are repeated in the Accepts New Clients column; Honeycode will offer a suggested picklist for this data).


  1. From your Dashboard, click Create Workbook, click Import CSV file, select your file, and click Open. The image below shows an uploaded CSV file.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: To ensure your data uploads properly, make sure there are no blank rows above the data in your CSV.

  1. Click Wizards then click Create Picklists.

  1. Click Go to generate the picklist.

  1. You can click on the blue chevrons in the Accepts New Clients clients column to access the picklist to select either Yes or No.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: The GIF shows the newly created table with filtered views of the data based on the value in the Accepts New Clients column.

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