Create Multiple Teams

I am currently part of a team that I joined by default when I signed up. I am trying to create a separate team that I'd like my team members to join. I don't see an option to create a new team.


Hi @Kuppa, we do not support the creation of additional Teams beyond the initial default Team assigned to you at sign up. You should be able to invite others to that Team though, either as an Admin or a Member, as well as be invited to Teams by others (as an Admin or a Member). For more information please check out this article: Adding Team Members.

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Hi @aj, your response goes somehow against how Honeycode is promoted. In community articles, e-learning and PartnerCasts it is mentioned, each user can be part of multiple Teams.

I found a workaround, but it would be awesome if you can add this functionality without doing so. The workaround:

  • Create new Honeycode account with a new email (I used the email for the AWS Account I want to link)
  • Invite your existing Honeycode account to the new Team of the new account.
  • You have now two teams in your main Honeycode account.

Hi @EmiiKhaos, welcome to the community! And thanks for the post. You are correct, and just to clarify my original post, one person/user can be a member of multiple teams; however, in order for that to happen that person must be invited to other teams by other people, since each person can only create one team (and that's created by default at signup).

Which leads to your next point, I think... Yep, what you have done as a workaround by creating a second account is entirely valid and a way to further collaborate and share workbooks/apps. However, it's important to callout the note from this article, which is that team members can see profile details such as name, email, and role of everyone else on their teams. Maybe this isn't an issue in your use case(s), but I just wanted to make sure it was known.

I'm taking a note of your request though to allow people to add more teams. Thanks for this and please keep the ideas coming in!