Create table using CSV in new experience

Hi team.

I have been using Honey Code for a couple of years now, I am exploring the opportunity to build the next iteration of my current application in the new experience. I am aware that there is no migration option which is ok at this point as I want to do some modifications to clear some functionality in my application, nevertheless, it seems that I am losing some functionality from the classic experience.

Is there an option from the new experience to create a table from a CSV file? I was looking and I didn't find any option.

do you have a comparison table between classic and new experience functionalities? what are other features available in the classic experience not present in the new experience?

I really love this application still there is a lag of functionalities that will make this application more awesome.

Hi @Gsanchezc!

Great to hear from you and we're happy to see you're giving the new experience a try. This is a great opportunity to optimize your apps using the new features we have planned for Honeycode.

Yes! Honeycode continues to offer import of existing data to our tables. In the new experience you'll want to access the app editor, then select Overview in the top bar. Here you'll see all of your app screens and the tables that power your apps. To add a new table, click Insert + in the top bar. Your cursor changes to show a table outline. Just move the cursor onto the app editor and click to drop it in place. Alternatively, you can import to an existing table and append.

To import existing data, click the table to expand it. We suggest you pre-set the column names and types in Honeycode to best match the data types you're importing. Once the Honeycode table setup resembles your data, click the Import button in the table's toolbar.

Import to this table

The tool opens and, with the table preset to match your file headers, greatly simplifies the import.

Adjust any columns as needed, then click Import. The data imports and appends to existing data in the tables.

Our teams continue to build additional capabilities and review customer feedback on capabilities wanted in the new experience. We'd love to hear from you! Please submit a feature request.

Let us know how the import feature works for you!