Create unique reference numbers for orders?


I'm creating a database for a catering bookings system, and I want each order to generate a unique reference number. It can be a very simple numbering system starting at 1 and counting up. I'm probably just not very good at this, but I can't work out how to create an automatically generating reference number system, and I'm not sure whether I need to create a formula in tables, or create a formula in the app that will then write a new row? Any help welcome.


Hello Coring-9342,

I had similar requirement. I followed this link Create unique row id when adding new row

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hi @Corin-9342, the topic @San references is spot on.

I'll also add that the request of unique numbering became so common that our content team had created a dedicated article. Check it out: Build a Unique Row ID Automation

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Amazing, thank you both!! I'll get on it :grin::+1: