Creating an app for Schools in England

I’m looking a creating an app for Schools in England, it has confidential data, can you confirm whether this will be acceptable or whether we need to wait until there are locations that cover governance in UK. Thanks,

Hello and welcome to our community, @AnnB-4fab! We're planning further performance improvements for countries outside of the US by adding additional capacity in more AWS locations in the future. We don't have more details to share at this time, but keep an eye on our Announcements for updates :honeybee:

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Hi Taylor,
Thanks for letting me know. I think there will be limited scope to use the app for sensitive information relating to students until there is the capability of storing data in the EU for policy and data protection purposes.
Please keep me informed.
Kind regards,

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Thank you for letting us know, @AnnB-4fab! We hope Honeycode can be a solution for you and your team as we open up in new regions.