Creating list based on Date range

I have questions, I have table with entries and date when those entries were added.

  1. I would like to do search and display this data in list or table format based on two date range values $[sDate] and $[eDate], so which every entries is in this range should be displayed.
  2. can this data/table be saved and downloaded as CSV file from an App viewer?


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  • Yes, this is possible.
  • $[sDate] and $[eDate] need to be set as Variables, and editable.
  • Create another data cell, set as "shared", call it $[afterSDate]. For the source, filter the table based on dates > $[sDate].
  • Create one more data cell, set as shared, call it $[betweenDates], and for it's source, filter $[afterSDate] by dates less than the $[eDate].
  • Finally, for your list, set source to $[betweenDates].
  • Once that works, set visibility for $[afterSDate] and $[betweenDates] to =False.

I don't believe this is possible yet.

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Hi @Naee-6456, You can filter based on dates:

=Filter(TableName, "TableName[DateColumn] > $[sDate] AND TableName[DateColumn] < $[eDate]")

As @AndrewB mentioned, you will need to setup sDate and eDates as variables in the screen and format them as dates to use in the filter.

Now each app user can use their own date ranges to find the relevant rows.

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^ This is a cleaner way to do it. :+1:

Thanks both for your quick response, I am not sure I understand quite yet. I am showing this screen shot of the App to get clarity. So i have this screen with Custom Dates sDate and eDate and I have this list of columns listed for desired columns to be listed from a table. I am using two variables from date (sDate,eDate) picker. For this list, in action, it only gives this one relevant option to "update or insert row" for action, but I am not trying to change the table, i just want only those rows to be listed which are within this range.

Hi @Naee-6456,

Thanks for the screenshot.
If you haven't already, you will need to update the source of the list (Under Data tab)to use a filter rather than displaying the rows directly from the table:

Also make sure the date fields in the app are set to variable type:

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Yes, that did the trick, thank you so much :slight_smile:


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