Custom domains revisiting

I noticed it was requested in Aug 2020 but closed. Is there a plan to allow custom domain names? Even with a custom Rt. 53 record "Honeycode" :-).

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I would like to know your requirements. Are you trying to make Honeycode app publicly available?

Client has many forms, using 3rd party forms manager. Doing a PoC to see if it can be replaced. First form I'm working on is for Students in pharmaceutical schools to fill out a nomination form. It would be nice to have them go to a domain managed w/Rt 53 and ACM certificate. Not critical but trying to understand limitations of product.
Thanks Pankaj. I have many other questions especially on development. I posted some to the community.
This is a great tool for serverless developers as a front-end instead of static site on S3. Great to have Actions with Lamdba triggers, etc.

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thanks for explaining your use case. If you are looking to expose Honeycode app publicly, that is currently not possible, apps can only be shared with team members only.

I think this is a good feature to have, I'll share this feature with our PMs.

So you have to know who you are sharing it with ahead of time. Self registration won't work because the app won't be there.
This could be a killer product if available with an https request via CloudFront. Honeycode services up the website directly to web client. Realize two clients talking to each other easier than converting to a website. Perhaps a client can sit in CloudFront then translate the output from the browser client.
Here's the need: Many developers can build serverless apps and backends but not good at building websites or want to. Most times perfection not needed. This front end good enough. Thanks!

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Thanks for your valuable feedback.

However, currently, Honeycode is a team based productivity tool. You will have to create a team and then give access to the team members to the apps.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll certainly share this idea and feedback with our PMs.

Spoke to the client and some questions:

  1. Is there a limit to the number of team members? Can it be thousands?
  2. Is there a fee?
  3. Is there any way to link an existing directory of users to Honeycode? Any way to work around having them register where we can pre-register them? API?

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thank you for reaching out.

Below are some important link regarding limits, pricing, SSO setup and API documentation.

Single Sign On
Pricing & Billing FAQ
Adding Team Members
Amazon Honeycode API Documentation
# Interacting with Honeycode workbooks via SDK

Hope above resources will provide information you are looking for. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further question.

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