Custom domains

Is there any way to use custom domains for HoneyCode apps? For instance I want to publish an internal app under


That is a great feature request @Nicu-d2cb. Currently that is not possible, but you can perhaps use a URL shortener to create a short URL and pass that around. You may even be able to create a HTML or Apache forwarding rule (301, 302, rewrite rule, etc.) on some domain of your own - to save people from remembering a specific app link. For example you could have: link to one app, and point to another app. I have not tested these methods but speaking from HTTP and DNS experience these are technically possible. Let us know if any of these work for you.

It is also important to remember that the users will still be asked to log in into the Honeycode app once they are directed there. It is also important to now that once in the mobile app or the web app the url will become the standard Honeycode URL. Also doing this in the mobile app will be difficult (with some deep linking is not supported by the Honeycode mobile player app). But if you just want to make it easier to get to an app on the web I hope some of the options above help.

I hope you like the options above :slight_smile:

I've forwarded this feature request to our internal teams for consideration.



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