Daily/hourly automations?

Is there a way to have an automation run on a schedule vs time/date triggered?

Hi @BradArtman, nice to see you and thanks for your post! :honeybee:

As of now, time-based automations are triggered based on date and time data in the your tables.

One way to achieve your ask would be to have a table in which you create a schedule of email notifications, and then set up an automation, which sends them when those dates are reached.

For example, I created a table with a schedule of when to send reports:

And here's an automation, which will send the emails when the dates are reached:

Hope that helps! I'll note that others have requested recurring automations as well, so I'll be sure to include your ask on the improvement request to our team. :honey_pot:

Thanks! Is there a way to trigger based on date and time? Or will it always fire via Midnight UTC on the date?

Hi @BradArtman,

Yes, you can set up an automation to trigger at a particular time. :slight_smile:

As shown below, you can specify if it will run at a certain time, or at an offset (in weeks, days, hours, minutes) before or after a time specified in your table data (Point to a column formatted to Date & Time):

As you noted, time in Honeycode is in UTC, so be mindful of the conversion to your desired timezone. You can check out this link with more info on this: UTC & Time Zone Conversion.

Let us know if this helps! :honeybee:

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Ah yes, I figured it out. Thanks much! As always you and the team are SUPER helpful!

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Great! And of course, @BradArtman, we're always happy to help! :smiley: :honeybee:

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