Data cell name change is sometimes reverted

This is an itermittent bug that I've run into multiple times now, weeks apart. I can't tell you how to replicate the issue, unfortunately.

In the most recent instance of this bug, I had a screen I was designing in Builder. I had a number of data cells I wanted to rename from the default names they were given when I first placed them. I was able to change all of the names without issue, except for one named "DataCell3". I would select the problem data cell and select the name field. It would allow me to edit the name field like normal. I change the name to "Person2". As usual, once I type , the cursor disappears and the font size goes back to full size, showing that I am no longer editing the field. But then, if I de-select the data cell and re-select it, I see that the name has reverted back to "DataCell3." I tried refreshing the page, but I still was unable to change the name of that data cell without it reverting back to "DataCell3" as soon as I clicked away.

I ultimately gave up. I was able to continue using the auto-generated name, but it's certainly not ideal.


FWIW, I'm seeing this as well, intermittently. Renaming data cells seems to fail, or only part of the rename gets saved.


Hi @Isaiah and @AndrewB,

Thanks for letting us know that you're seeing this -

This could be due to intermittent connection issues that can cause you to see this during loading or saving within Honeycode (i.e. from slow or congested networks).

I'll note too that our team has already been investigating these types of timeout issues.

When you see this behavior occur, could you submit an issue report to us? You can do so by clicking on the "Help" icon in the left-hand panel of Honeycode > Report an Issue. This generates a diagnostics ID, which helps us better see what's happening.

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