Data Cell Source Equal to the Last Value of a Column?


Could someone point me in the right direction on how I can make a Data Cell's value equal that of the last cell in a column?

I've tried various combinations of the Filter, FindRow and FindLastRow functions.

Thank you!

Hi @Bran-78b2 depending on your set up there may be multiple options to complete this, but generally speaking FINDLASTROW can work. An example would be to use the FINDLASTROW function to set the source of a 'block' on your app screen, then inside that 'block' you can insert a 'data cell' and specify the column name as it's source.

What happens in this type of set up is the 'block' will have view of an entire row of data in your table and then you can add in multiple 'data cell' within the 'block' to display the specific column data in the row it is viewing.

In case this helps check out this article on app objects. Understanding the hierarchy in app builder helped me understand situations I ran into, possibly similar to yours, with expected data not showing because of my app builder layout.

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