Data Entry and Data Validation in Sheet

I have a scenario where data entry is done in couple of sheets, each sheet contains multiple tabs with a good no of rows populated and then data in each tab gets validated based on rules on columns like:

  1. Data can't be EMPTY/BLANK
  2. Data should be NUMBER/INTEGER
  3. Data should be a date of format MM/DD/YYYY, MM/YY etc
  4. Data should be a EMAIL, VALID URL, Comma Separated Values
  5. Compare (>, >=, < , <=) two date columns
  6. Compare sum of two columns.
  7. Value should be comma separated if cell had more then one value
  8. CONDITIONAL mandatory -- i.e. if CELL_A has a a certain value, then CELL_B should have a certain values
  9. Foreign Key Checks between tabs in same sheet or between multiple sheets
    And more validations like this.

After data entry, a button is clicked to do the validation and all cells failing validations are highlighted and error message is shown on hover.

Can we implement it in honey code ?
Here I need to present a sheet like view with many rows and columns where data entry can be made, then need to have way to put validation rules for each column and then have a button to validate the data, display error message on each cell where validation rule fails.

What I could understand is, we can make a form and entry can be made one rwo at a time.
But I need a sheet like behavior.

Hi @Anur-e930,

Thanks for your post, and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

You are able to implement data validation in Honeycode, and this would be done in the application (in Honeycode's Builder) rather than in the tables. By setting the data validation in the application, you are able to control what gets written to the tables.

In Builder, you can edit the properties of a data cell to restrict a format (i.e. to an number or date etc.), and also add formulas in the run options of automations to run only if certain conditions are met.

You can refer to this article to see different Honeycode Functions you can use for your formulas.

Some examples of formulas or solutions for your use cases:

  1. Data can't be blank: <>"" or ISBLANK()
  2. Data should be number/integer: ISNUMBER()
  3. Format the field to Date.
  4. Format the field to Contact (this stores an email).
  5. Compare the columns: i.e. [ColumnData1] >= [ColumnData2]
  6. Use SUM of a Filter of a particular column (and compare to each other).
  7. You'd want to have values in separate cells. (Multiple values would be a one to many relationship, so you'd want the values separate and set up multiple tables as shown here).
  8. Use the AND() or OR() operators.
  9. Wouldn't be relevant in Builder.

You can refer to the following article of how you can set up data validation in Builder. The article demonstrates how to set buttons or content boxes to only be visible when certain conditions are met.

I hope this info is helpful. :honeybee:

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